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19" Rackmount PCs
IPC Solutions specialise in the design, 
manufacture and distribution of Industrial
Computers and related products to a 
wide range of industrial users. 
19" Rackmount PCs
Panel PCs
Our products include:Rackmount PCs,
Panel PCs, Touch Screen Monitors and
Video Displays, Embedded PCs, Data   
Acquisition & Control Cards.
Monitors & Displays
Embedded PCs

Applications include: machine control,
medical, automation, military, nuclear,
offshore, transportation, telecomms
and other mission critical applications.
Embedded PCs
Data Acquisition & Control Cards

As we are a UK manufacturer, we can
provide a full design & customisation
service to meet your specifications.
PC Accessories

Tel: 0191 454 8090      Fax: 0191 454 8030     Email: sales@ipcsolutions.co.uk Please read the website Terms of Use.