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We supply the full range of Advantech Data Acquisition, Control and Comms Cards on USB, PCI, ISA, PC/104 & mini-PCI formats. The table below lists the product range and technical specifications in pdf format.

If you can't find a PC Card that meets your requirements then please call our sales team  on 0191 454 8090 or email sales@ipcsolutions.co.uk or fill in our  Product EnquiryForm. I'm sure we will be able to help.

           PCI CardsISA CardsPC/104 Cardsmini-PCI Cards

The USB-4700 series consists of true Plug & Play data acquisition modules. No more opening up your computer chassis to install boards. Just plug in the module, then get the data.

Model Number                                                                                                     
USB-46225-port USB 2.0 Hub
USB-4671GPIB USB Module
USB-470210KS/s, 12-bit, 8 channel Multifunction USB Module
USB-4711A      150KS/s, 12-bit, 16 channel Multifunction USB Module
USB-4716200KS/s, 16-bit, 16 channel Multifunction USB Module
USB-47188 ch. Thermocouple Input & 8 ch. Isolated digital Input
USB Module
USB-475032 channel Isolated Digital I/O USB Module
USB-475148 channel Digital I/O USB Module
USB-4751L        24 channel Digital I/O USB Module
USB-47618 ch. Relay and 8 ch. Isolated Digital Input Module 

An extensive range of PCI bus data acquisition & control cards are available with drivers for Windows, Linux, WinCE, embedded XP, Labview etc.

PCI-1710100KS/s,12-bit Multifunction Card
PCI-1710L100KS/s,12-bit Multifunction Card w/o analog output            
PCI-1710HG100KS/s,12-bit,16-ch. Multifunction Card with High Gain
PCI-1710HGL100KS/s,12-bit,16-ch. Multifunction Card with High Gain w/o analog output
PCI-1711Low cost 100KS/s,12-bit,16-ch. Multifunction Card
PCI-1711LLow cost 100KS/s,12-bit,16-ch. Multifunction Card w/o analog output
PCI-17121MS/s,12-bit,16-ch. Multifunction Card
PCI-1712L1MS/s,12-bit,16-ch. Multifunction Card w/o analog output
PCI-1716250KS/s,16-bit,16 ch. Multifunction Card
PCI-1716L250KS/s,16-bit,16 ch. Multifunction Card w/o analog output
PCI-1718HDU100KS/s,12-bit,16-ch. Universal Multifunction Card
PCI-1718HGU100KS/s,12-bit,16-ch. Universal Multifunction Card
PCI-1741U200KS/s,16-bit,16-ch. Universal Multifunction Card
PCI-1742U1MS/s,16-bit,16-ch. Universal Multifunction Card
Analog Input
PCI-1713100KS/s,12-bit,32 channel Isolated Analog Input Card
PCI-1714U30MS/s,Simultaneous 4 ch. Analog Input Universal Card
PCI-1714UL30MS/s,Simultaneous 4 ch. Analog Input Universal Card w/o analog output
PCI-1715U500KS/s,12-bit,32-ch. Isolated Analog Input Universal Card
PCI-1747U250KS/s,16-bit,64-ch. Analog Input Universal Card
Analog Output
PCI-1720U12-bit,4-ch. Isolated Analog Output Universal Card
PCI-172112-bit,4-ch. Analog Output Card with 16-ch. Digital I/O
PCI-172316-bit,8-ch. Analog Output Card with 16-ch. Digital I/O
PCI-1724U14-bit,32-ch. Isolated Analog Output Card
PCI-1727U14-bit, 12-ch. Analog Output Card with 32-ch. Digital I/O 
Digital I/O
PCI-1735U64-ch. Digital I/O and Counter Universal Card 
PCI-1737U24-ch. Digital I/O Universal Card
PCI-1739U48-ch. Digital I/O Universal Card
PCI-175148-ch. Digital I/O and 2 ch. Counter Card
PCI-175396-ch. Digital I/O Card
PCI-1753E96-ch. Digital I/O Extension Card for PCI-1753
PCI-175580MB/s, 32-ch. Digital I/O Card
PCI-1757UP24-ch. Digital I/O Low Profile Universal Card
Digital I/O
PCI-173032 channel Isolated Digital I/O Card
PCI-173332 channel Isolated Digital Input Card
PCI-173432 channel Isolated Digital Output Card
PCI-175032 channel Isolated Digital I/O and Counter Card
PCI-1752U64 channel Isolated Digital Output Universal Card
PCI-175464 channel Isolated Digital Input Card
PCI-175664 channel Isolated Digital I/O Card
PCI-1758UDI128 channel Isolated Digital Input Universal Card
PCI-1758UDO128 channel Isolated Digital Output Universal Card
PCI-1758UDIO128 channel Isolated Digital I/O Universal Card
PCI-1760U8 channel Relay Output and Isolated Digital Input Card
PCI-17618 channel Relay Output and Isolated Digital Input Card
PCI-176216 channel Relay Output and Isolated Digital Input Card
PCI-1780U8 ch. 16-bit Counter/Timer Universal Card
PCI-1784U4-axis Quadrature Encoder and Counter Card
Motion Control
PCI-1240U4-axis Stepping/Pulse type Servo Motor Control Card
PCI-12414-axis Voltage type Servo Motor Control Card
PCI-12424-axis Pulse type Servo Motor Control Card
PCI-12616-axis Pulse type Stepping Motor Control Card
Communication Cards
PCI-1601/16022 port RS-422/485 Comms Card
PCI-16032 port Isolated RS-232/Current-loop Comms Card
PCI-1610/1612/1612U4 port RS-232/422/485 Comms Card
PCI-1620/1620U8 port RS-232 Comms Card
PCI-16258 port Intelligent RS-232/422 Comms Card
PCI-1680U2 port CAN Interface Card with Isolation






NOTE: The data-sheets are in PDF format, to read them you will need Acrobat Reader available from Adobe: